Gourmet treats,
made without wheat.


Bake Effect is a home bakery located in the heart of southwest Michigan, specializing in one-of-a-kind pies, shortbread cookies, and cake rolls – all made without wheat.* At Bake Effect, we believe that food should taste AND look like it was made with love, even allergy-friendly food.


We take pride in making everything from scratch, sourcing ingredients locally, and letting the natural flavors of the food shine through. We love what we do and it makes our day when folks enjoy our treats as much as we do.

So, make yourself at home and take a look around. We can’t wait to create something special for you!


*While all of Bake Effect’s products are made without wheat and/or gluten, they are made in a kitchen where these ingredients are present. While every effort is made to limit cross-contamination, it is still possible. Bake Effect 

is NOT a certified gluten-free bakery. Individuals with severe allergies are advised to contact a 

certified gluten-free baker.

Meet the Baker

In 2008, Emily Onken spent the summer before her junior year of college working with her best friend at a lodge in Alaska. While they were originally hired on as housekeepers, an unexpected opening in the lodge’s restaurant led to Emily being trained as a baker, an experience that sparked her love for making delicious desserts from scratch.


Over a decade later in her home state of Texas, an unexpected job loss while adjusting to life as a new mom provided Emily the impetus she needed to take the plunge and pursue the dream that had begun in Alaska – to someday have her own bakery. Under the Texas Cottage Food Law, she began her home bakery named Sanguine Meringue Baking Co. in 2019. 


In 2021, Emily and her husband, Tim, relocated their family to Tim’s hometown in Berrien County, Michigan. Sanguine Meringue thus became Bake Effect, a change that reflects both the meteorological phenomenon specific to the area as well as Emily’s appreciation of a good pun. 


Since her beginnings in that Alaskan lodge, Emily has gathered professional experience in several food establishments, as well as developed a career in nonprofit event planning and communications. These experiences have joined forces to create a passion for excellence, creativity, and hospitality. 


While chasing this dream part-time, Emily’s greatest motivation for Bake Effect comes from her role as a stay-at-home mom to a bright, active toddler (emphasis on the “active” part).


For Emily, this baking venture is about more than just providing luxurious and delicious treats – it’s also about modeling the values of tenacity, flexibility, and confidence for her daughter.


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