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A hint of cinnamon and a dash of fresh lemon juice makes this combo of blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries a favorite at any time of year.

A unique but delicious mix of flavors, this pie features the sweetness of dried figs and the tart punch of fresh cranberries, rounded out with a splash of orange juice.

Fresh pears are smothered in scratch-made spiced caramel, topped with a candied ginger crumble, then baked to golden perfection.

Imagine mulled wine (without the wine!) in pie form. Dark sweet cherries, cloves, chocolate crust, and a secret ingredient make this a delicious winter pie unlike any other!

Hand-cut, tart-sweet apples combined with all the best warm spices and coupled with an apple cider reduction for maximum flavor. This is the appley-est apple pie you’ve ever had!

Unlike many pecan pies, this classic skips the corn syrup. Instead, a combo of granulated and brown sugars combine to create a perfectly balanced molasses-y, nutty filling.



A classic flavor elevated by a sprinkle of flaky sea salt and a crispy turbinado sugar edge – a perfect combo of flavors and textures!
A one-of-a-kind fan favorite! Crushed kettle chips are baked right in AND sprinkled on top of this cookie’s honey-butter glaze. A secret ingredient adds to the salty-sweet perfection!
Dark cocoa powder: Check Dark chocolate chips: Check Cacao nibs: Check Dark chocolate-dipped edge: Check
A rich, buttery cookie base studded with buttery toffee bits, then dipped in dark chocolate and topped with more toffee bits for an elegant finish.

Earl Grey, meet Chai. Chai, meet Earl Grey. Bergamot oil and a homemade chai spice mix combine for a cozy cold-weather flavor. this buttery cookie studded throughout with freeze-dried strawberries.

Toasty browned butter is the perfect complement to the light and dark brown sugars in this cookie. A kick of saigon cinnamon adds dimension while tying everything together!

Pecan pieces are mixed in to this maple sugar-sweetened shortbread, which is then topped with more maple and more pecans!

This cookie knows what it’s about.




Cream cheese, pumpkin, and only the best spices come together to make a deliciously moist cake – the perfect way to get into the fall/winter spirit!

Sweet molasses and spicy ginger combine with a warm spice mix to make a delightfully complex swirl of goodness.

Is there a more classic winter flavor combination? Bits of peppermint candies are swirled into the cream cheese filling and sprinkled on top of a rich chocolate ganache drizzle.